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What we offer

With our unique method creative logic, based on research, we equip your organization with tools for innovation power, creative mindset and differentiation for sustainable solutions and personal growth in a changing world.

Inspired by our seven focus areas, we tailor plans according to your wishes and needs. We come to you or you come to us.

Ni kommer till oss

You come to us

MINDS EXPANDED offers leadership retreats on scenic Brännö at Maria and Christian's home. We believe in meeting in a personal environment where you can relax and feel at home. You come to a creative home with genuine family hospitality that inspires your business development.

You can choose to combine focused development work in an encounter with the forces of nature; hiking in the Galterö nature reserve, reflection around a campfire, salty baths and kayaking in an exciting archipelago environment.


In our yoga studio, we offer a calm environment to work with authentic leadership. Through effective breathing exercises/meditations, live music and vibrating Gong baths, we clear the brain of the usual thought noise. With a still mind we reach clarity and focus for new perspectives.

See the yoga studio at Brännö! On with sound for lovely piano music


Focus areas

Team building

Practical, inclusive and dynamic exercises with the aim of strengthening the group's community, communication, trust and ability to interact. Suitable for e.g. Kick Off.


team Talk
The Disney model
- idea generation

We help your organization leave old ways of thinking and instead open up to new perspectives.

Through the Disney model, the group's creative potential is stimulated for sustainable solutions.

- To think new.
- To get more perspectives on the current situation.
- To find new ways, ways of working to achieve better results.

Background: Walt Disney worked based on a brainstorm method where we separate thinking into three different categories; the dreamer, the realist and the critic. The aim is to achieve the greatest possible creativity in combination with a sustainable implementation.

Coaching for leaders

The aim is for you to become more secure and strengthened in your role as manager and leader. We start from you and your everyday life and how you can best handle the daily challenges and everyday dilemmas you face both on an individual, group or organizational level. You create better opportunities to achieve results and develop your organization and your group in the best way.

MINDS EXPANDED offers NLP coaching sessions in conversation form "In Real Life"  or digitally in the center of Gothenburg, at Brännö or at your place.

Coach: Maria Mebius-Schröder


Core values - Walk the Talk

MINDS EXPANDED develops and supports you in developing and implementing new core values and values in line with your overall goals and strategies. With creative and playful exercises, we "set" / update your value base in body and mind.


More and more people see the connection between the company's culture, the employees' performance and thus the organization's results and efficiency. Create a living corporate culture with core values that pervade your communication in both words and actions.

Corporate culture is about collective behaviors and action patterns and therefore also about your opportunities to be motivated, interconnected, authentic and innovative. Cultural norms and values are something we rarely reflect on or are even aware of.

Many organizations spend a lot of time getting their values down in print and feel satisfied that they have finally done it, but what happens next? A good company culture cannot be created once and for all, but must be maintained every day.

Sensing change

The world is constantly changing and so are we. For sustainable leadership, you need to be one step ahead. "Sensing change" means that you develop your sensibility to sense, feel and understand what is going on in the world around you - all in order to be able to lead sustainably and long-term.

MINDS EXPANDED guides you through a creative and analytical process with playful improvisation exercises interspersed with reflection that builds bridges to your daily and current work situation. Improvisation means taking the step into the unknown, overcoming fear of the unknown and developing your curiosity about what is possible. An excellent tool for responsive and creative leadership that is one step ahead.

Minds Expanded (3).png
Socratic dialogue
The good conversation

Do you want an open and innovative communication climate?











As a participant in a Socratic dialogue, you train your ability to be open and receptive to new perspectives and to be flexible and creative in your thinking. All with the aim of developing innovation power and collaboration skills.


Background: To strengthen qualitative conversation and dialogue in the workplace. To develop the individual's own thinking and learning in a group. A Socratic dialogue starts from a source material (an image, a text, etc.) and is conducted based on some given rules of the game:

- To make exploration possible through thoughtful dialogue

- That there is no right or wrong

- To listen
- To be able to change one's standpoint

Diversity & differentiation
for sustainable solutions

Is your workplace heterogeneous and cherishes diversity? Or a homogeneous workplace with a need to challenge attitudes and prejudices? 

We facilitate and provide tools for HOW you capture the value of differences. Together we develop ideas by including and making use of differences in favor of new sustainable solutions.






MINDS EXPANDED offers your leaders and employees practical training in collaboration skills as well as handling differences and cultural clashes that diversity challenges us with. Together we explore, challenge and test attitudes towards diversity. We work with hospitality where openness to each other's differences gives new insights.

Varför yoga & meditation?

Techniques from
yoga & meditation

By practicing the yoga techniques for conscious presence/mindfulness, you get close to yourself and develop your authentic leadership in favor of your external leadership.


We guide you through easy physical yoga exercises for all body types and constitutions on a yoga mat or sitting on a chair.

With increased presence, your attention and sensitivity develop, which means that you hear, see and feel what is going on and can thus be one step ahead in your leadership.

Abilities strengthened by yoga/meditation:

  • Sharpened mind, focus and concentration

  • Creativity; the interaction between the right and left hemispheres is strengthened and your creative thinking develops

  • Make long-term sustainable decisions that contain the whole.

Vad är gongbad?

What is a gong bath?

Gong is an ancient instrument used for transformation in many cultures and traditions. The sound of the gong creates deep relaxation and takes

you beyond the flow of thoughts, dissolves blockages and reduces tension in body and mind. You lie down on the yoga mat with a blanket over you and let the Gong's vibrations wash over your entire system.

Perfect re-start for new perspectives in an ongoing development process.

Watch Christian Jormin give a gong bath!


From Implement Consulting Group

Yoga & Meditation Retreat - Brännö 9-11/6 2021


Summary of all participants

What was the best part of the retreat?

lugnt hav

- At home with the feeling of the host/family

- Genuine, personal and "for real"

- Combo of yoga/meditation, food, conversation, nature and   exercises

- The overall focus with exercises, music, food, reflection  etc.

- Maria and Christian's incredible hospitality

- The balance in exercises, you have found the right level

- Good reflection exercises

- Beyond expectation!! You guys have been amazing!

- The food has been top class

- Good mix of new and familiar! 

- Very fun to experience and try things that you otherwise    would not do, such as Gong baths, mantras, yoga exercises etc. 

referenser vi-känsla

Package offers


Team building

- Team building/ start-up

- Reflection & nature experiences 

- Relaxing Gong bath


Well suited for kick-off and start-up of new teams.

Minds Expanded (3).png

Contact us for more info or booking!

Segelbåt 2.jpg

Extra everything

- Sailing to Brännö from the Gothenburg Opera  House in Gothenburg with a chartered sailboat

- Business development based on selected parts of our focus areas using the method  creative logic

- Reflection & nature experiences 

- Techniques from yoga & meditation

- Relaxing Gong bath

Contact us for more info or booking!

Minds Expanded (3).png

Contact us for more info or booking!


Creative logic

  Business development

- Business development based on selected parts of our focus areas using the method  creative logic 

- Reflection & nature experiences 

- Relaxing Gong bath & Meditation

Contact us for more info or booking!

Minds Expanded (3).png

A nice day!

With a focus on well-being and health, we give your leaders and employees an inspiring day with nature experiences, nice hanging out around a campfire, well-prepared vegetarian food and vibrating Gong baths.

Contact us for more info or booking!

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