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About us

MINDS EXPANDED consists of Maria Mebius-Schröder and Christian Jormin as well as a solid and developed network of organizational consultants and change leaders. Together we collaborate and tailor plans in close dialogue according to your needs.

Maria Mebius-Schröder


Principal Consultant


Creative organizational consultant, NLP coach, lecturer, moderator, choreographer/dancer, yoga teacher with extensive experience in facilitating management team work, change management and innovation processes in Sweden, internationally and the EU Commission.

With a focus on creative leadership and creative employees, Maria has extensive experience of change work in the private and public sector. In combination with her solid background as a choreographer and dancer in the cultural world and as a yoga & meditation teacher, Maria offers creative dynamic development processes.

"I am passionate about contributing, together with leaders and employees, to the positive development of organizations and companies, which in turn can contribute to a society where creativity, openness, tolerance and cognitive diversity are watchwords."

Core competence:

  • 15+ years of experience in innovation processes, change management, process management with creative methods for business development. Maria received an artist's scholarship in 2021 from Sällskapet Gnistan for her work with sustainable development and holistic perspective in the Västra Götaland Region.

  • Internationally certified NLP Coach

  • UGL educated

  • Enneagram practices

  • Internationally certified yoga & meditation teacher.
    Runs own Yoga studio on Brännö with yoga classes, retreats, consultations all year round since 2013

  • Professional dancer, choreographer, improviser with 35 years of experience in the cultural industry. Educated at the Royal Swedish Ballet School/Stockholm.

Christian Jormin

Musician & Yoga/meditation teacher


Internationally recognized jazz musician and composer.

As a pianist and percussionist, Christian contributes live music to the work process. Based on many years of practicing meditation, he shares techniques for presence, intention and focus. With his great calm and permissive personality, he creates trust / security to step out of his comfort zone and provides space for in-depth reflection.

  • Professional musician trained at the University of Theater and Music in    Gothenburg.

  • Teaches music at the University of Theater and Music in Gothenburg.

  • Internationally certified yoga & meditation teacher.

  • Trained "Gongmäster" .

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Brännö Kundalini yoga

Together, Maria Mebius-Schröder and Christian Jormin also run Yoga studio Brännö Kundaliniyoga in Brännö with yoga classes, retreats, consultations all year round since 2013.

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