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Creative Logic

The Creative Logic method creates the conditions for the power of innovation. Creative Logic is based on research and Maria's long experience in business development with organizations in both private and public sector.


MINDS EXPANDED guides you with a firm and safe hand through the three steps.

Feel free to listen to Play to Rewire & Improve Your Brain | Huberman Lab Podcast #58 based on neuroscience:

Go to "Play is THE portal to neuroplasticity" 1.00.03


MINDS EXPANDED facilitates your business development with creative brainstorming methods for vision and implementation.

Shake & Stir

Shake & stir aims to challenge ingrained thought patterns and behaviors for new knowledge, insights and perspectives. Through playful and dynamic exercises, with all the senses involved,  you leave your comfort zone step by step. By discovering prejudices about yourself and others, you open up to new perspectives and possibilities. New connections in the brain are created and together you and your employees' reflective and creative abilities are strengthened.

Expand & widen your views

Expand & widen your views promotes idea development and perspective shift. Through inclusive conversation methods with a focus on "listening to understand", we create a platform for curiosity, openness and learning. Based on your organization's current challenges, MINDS EXPANDED facilitates you through a creative exploration that brings you closer to solutions.


Diversity & differentiations for sustainable solutions

Differentiation is about strengthening your uniqueness and create sustainable solutions by managing the value of diversity.  With practical cooperation training, MINDS EXPANDED offer your leaders and employees tools to deal with differences and cultural clashes with which  diversity challenges us. With an open and curious mind, we learn from each other and provide new knowledge and new insights for sustainable solutions.


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