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Magnus Pettersson, CEO


Maria is a very responsive and inspiring coach. She goes straight to the right thing right away! I got sorted out a couple of difficult decisions that I worried about. She gave me the courage to see and think for myself. I absolutely recommend Maria as a head coach



Stig Rath, production manager 

Maria Mebius-Schröder has worked as an artist and leads the project "Airis goes to Norway" at Teknotherm's factory in Halden.

The purpose of the project was to promote innovation in the organization and mindset, so that Teknotherm can better manage large growth and ensure good results. 

We see the project as a success. Our employees experience greater transparency, security of feedback and positive feedback, neater processes and less aggression in the organization.

There is also a greater willingness to take ownership of problems, and solve them along the value chain. 

Much of the credit for the project being successful can be attributed to Maria's efforts. With professional skills in communication and relationship building, she has led 85 employees through a challenging process. Maria is an enthusiastic and sociable person, she has integrity and a high degree of perseverance, which makes her suitable for leading people to personal growth. 

As Teknotherm's project manager in "Airis goes to Norway", it has been a great pleasure to get to know Maria, and we can confidently recommend her as a positive addition to any organization. 

With kind regards

AstraZeneca R&D Mölndal 

Christina Inna AM Stahre , Global Safety Physician AZD0837 - Patient Safety - Surveillance 

"Maria Mebius-Schröder ran a collaborative project with Patient Safety AstraZeneca via TILLT. The project consisted of an analysis phase, establishment of an action plan, implementation and evaluation phase. 

Maria Mebius-Schröder is focused, efficient and dedicated to her mission. She is easy and fun to work with and always works towards a clear and agreed goal. She dares to challenge and test both her own and others' limits. She is clear and brave. She sees solutions and not problems. I can highly recommend Maria and would love to work with her again.” 


Ingalill Brage, business development consultant 

"Maria is positive, responsive, committed, charming and an enthusiastic and diplomatic leader. We worked on our attitudes and our employees got food for thought about their own behavior / approach. "


Pär Johansson, production manager 

"Maria is a person with a lot of charisma, inspiring and with an ability to engage people in her vicinity. Maria also has an ability to give a lot of energy to those around her.
The result of our collaboration gave, among other things, a completely different conversation and collaborative climate in the department, to get everyone pulling in the same direction. The impact of Maria's work is lasting in the department.” 


Eva Degerman, CEO 

"Maria can make people do the unexpected in a targeted way. She is creative and structured at the same time. During our collaboration with leadership and communication between managers, we achieved joy, insight and courage. Today we have closer cooperation between colleagues." 

Fästpunkt 1

Maria Mebius-Schröder
CEO & Principal Consultant


From Implement Consulting Group

Yoga & Meditation Retreat - Brännö 9-11/6 2021


Summary of all participants

What was the best part of the retreat?

lugnt hav

- At home with the feeling of the host/family

- Genuine, personal and "for real"

- Combo of yoga/meditation, food, conversation, nature and   exercises

- The overall focus with exercises, music, food, reflection  etc.

- Maria and Christian's incredible hospitality

- The balance in exercises, you have found the right level

- Good reflection exercises

- Beyond expectation!! You guys have been amazing!

- The food has been top class

- Good mix of new and familiar! 

- Very fun to experience and try things that you otherwise    would not do, such as Gong baths, mantras, yoga exercises etc. 

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