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MINDS EXPANDED strengthens organizations' innovative power. Together we create a conscious and creative corporate culture where curious, motivated, interactive leaders and employees are the key words.

With our unique method creative logic, based on research, we equip your organization with tools for innovation power, creative mindsets and differentiation for sustainable solutions and personal growth in a changing world.

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How does it work?

With clear process management by MINDS EXPANDED's creative consultants, we strengthen the interaction and creative potential of your leaders and employees. With the creative logic method, we equip your organization with tools for innovation power and creative mindset for sustainable solutions in a changing world.

We inspire you to leave your comfort zone for new perspectives, insights and knowledge. By expanding and widening your senses and your thinking, the capacity to create new things, make choices and discern is strengthened.


The design of the creative logic method consists of three components that alternate dynamically:

  • Creative experience-based methods 

  • Techniques from yoga & meditation

  • Reflection & nature experiences 



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